Comitted Focus


SESVanderHave is the only company in the world focusing exclusively on sugar beet seeds.

Specialising in every aspect of sugar beet seed production, SESVanderHave manages every link in this chain: from development of new varieties, seed production in the fields and seed processing in its own factories, through to the final sales and distribution. SESVanderHave’s ultimate focus throughout remains the needs of both growers and the processing industry - our customers.

SESVanderHave leaves nothing to chance, improving the sugar beet varieties is the ultimate goal of every employee. It is this committed focus that makes SESVanderHave a global leader in the sugar beet industry, meaning you can rely on its seeds as a marque of quality.



Everything under one roof


SESVanderHave carries out every step of the sugar beet seed production itself.
More than ten years before the launch of a new variety, the extensive research department begins on developing varieties that are even better adapted to the environment in which they will be grown.

In the seed production areas in Southern France and Northern Italy, SESVanderHave has a network of highly committed and experienced seed multipliers. The field production staff supports the producers from sowing to harvest. After harvest and pre-cleaning, the seed is transported to the factory in Tienen for final processing.

During this process, the seeds are continuously subjected to rigorous quality controls in the quality laboratoria in Tienen. Several parameters such as germination strength and speed, sowability and resistance are closely checked at every step of the process.


Anticipating local requirements


SESVanderHave has over 150,000 research plots spread  worldwide. This allows for sophisticated selection and immediately subjects varieties to field tests and assessments. Thanks to the strategic location of these plots in Europe and the United States, SESVanderHave is able to quickly anticipate and adapt to local requirements. Several thousand genotypes are needed for this.


Many thousands of research plots also utilise another unique asset. Innovative, self-designed and self-built mobile tarehouses lift, weigh and slice the sugar beets to deliver a sample. The beet pulp is coded, deep-frozen and analysed for several parameters in the SESVanderHave quality control laboratories.


This highly specialised SESVanderHave equipment ensures the rapid processing of the sugar beets, accurate results and minimum losses.



Involved in every aspect


SESVanderHave does not only deliver a quality product, it guarantees customised solutions. This is made possible by a wide network of local trials and research projects in cooperation with renowned institutes and sugar industry companies. Commercial employees visit customers all over the world and identify their needs by listening to their concerns, asking targeted questions and analysing results. This ensures SESVanderHave can adapt to changing needs and continually deliver improvements of its sugar beet varieties.


A SESVanderHave solution does not stop with the delivery of superior sugar beet seeds. SESVanderHave considers sugar beet growers and the sugar industry as true partners that are integral to its strategies. Technical publications on a vast array of sugar beet-related subjects inform growers on the best solutions for their business, drawing on experience and expertise. SESVanderHave’s communications are tools for the industry. It is for this reason that the website is the key resource centre for the industry when it comes to finding information on sugar beet seeds.



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