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21/01/2016 - SESVanderHave wins "Company of the year 2015" region Tienen


On Thursday, January 21, our company has been rewarded with the price of "Company of the year 2015" by Voka (Tienen).


Each year the Chamber of Commerce sets an outstanding company in the spotlight that contributes to the economic prosperity of the region. Voka wants to give this entrepreneurship some positive attention. Employment, years of positive business approach and growth, the pursuit of quality and caring for people and the environment are the main criteria for the coveted title. Through its investments in R&D and employment in the region, it's SESVanderHave who takes this year's trophy.


With loud applause from the more than 250 existing fellow entrepreneurs, Regional Chairman Roger Geerteruy presented the award to SESVanderHave. "We have a worthy winner, who serves the world from Tienen and remains committed to local employment, research and sustainability.


"We strongly believe in the future of our industry and therefore investing in ultra-modern facilities that will facilitate innovation. We also provide an embedding of sugar in Tienen, thé sugar town par excellence," said Rob van Tetering.


22/09/2015 - Behind the scenes at SESVanderHave's new research centre 

On Tuesday September22nd SESVanderHave, a global player in the production of sugar beet, invited the press to visit the construction site for its new research centre. Starting in 2016, this brand new complex will be the place where a large proportion of the company’s research and development will take place. The centre will be bigger than four football fields, and up to fifty people will work there. 

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02/07/2015 - Starting signal given for building of R&D complex

With the new research centre, SESVanderHave will be able to double its R&D capacity. Thousands of sugar beet plants will be grown under optimal conditions without being affected by the weather outside. “This will allow us to coordinate and interpret our research much more effectively”, says CEO Rob van Tetering. 

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02/09/2014 - SESVanderHave welcomes new research director

We are proud to announce that, as of September 1st Gerhard Steinrücken has joined SESVANDERHAVE. Gerhard has a PhD degree in plant breeding and has a broad experience in breeding and biotechnology. 

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01/09/2014 - SESVanderHave’s Technical Days once again a success

The second edition of sugar beet seed producer SESVanderHave’s Technical Days was held on August 27th and 28th. This two-day scientific conference in Worms, Germany, focused on the impact of nematodes on sugar beet.

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24/06/2014 - SESVanderHave develops ALS-inhibiting herbicides tolerant sugar beet using its own technologie

SESVanderHave, an international market leader in the sugar beet sector, has developed a novel herbicide tolerance trait for sugar beet. This technology has been developed through SESVanderHave’s own R&D pipeline; the trait will give a new option for weed control to farmers around the world.  SESVanderHave’s technology is based on the conventional breeding of sugar beet varieties tolerant to certain ALS‐inhibitors, a class of broad‐spectrum herbicides.


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29/04/2014 - SESVanderHave is investing more than 10 million euro in high-tech research center
SESVanderHave, the global market leader in sugarbeet seed, is investing over 10 million euro in a brand new high-tech research center on the site of the nearby Feed Food Health-site. Through the construction of this center SESVanderHave is raising its R & D capacity to a higher level. 

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07/10/2013 - Cooperation with ESA for video on seed treatment

The European Seed Association (ESA) has recently released a video on the benefits of seed treatment. The video looks at the seed treatment process and includes interviews with several farmers and seed treatment experts.
ESA asked us to cooperate in this video, to share the knowledge and infrastructure of SESVanderHave and its experts. We gladly did, and are very happy with the result, we invite you to take a look at the video!

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18/04/2013 - Nemgenix Pty Ltd and SESVanderHave announced their collaboration to develop a novel nematode resistant trait for sugar beet

Nemgenix Pty Ltd, an international agricultural biotechnology company developing new technologies for the control of plant parasitic nematodes and aphids, and SESVanderHave, a leading sugar beet breeding and marketing company, today announced their collaboration to develop a novel nematode resistant trait for sugar beet to address the needs for a long-term resistance strategy to beet cyst nematodes (BCN).









11/02/2013 - First variety in Germany: VASCO

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