All you need to know about Start’Up


Start’Up is the brand name of the priming technology used on a majority of SESVanderHave’s sugar beet seeds.
This priming technique was developed in cooperation with GTG, Germains Technology Group, which has many years of experience with priming. Priming means that the seeds are ‘activated’ to ensure a faster and more homogenous field germination.
The seeds are first cleaned and then treated in specially developed SESVanderHave installations.


The field results are astonishing:


1. The seeds germinate faster and the vigour under stress conditions improves, thus extending the growth cycle.
2. The uniform emergency results in more homogenous size and shape, which makes them easier to harvest.
3. Field emergence is more homogenous, facilitating efficient weed control.
4. These benefits combine to deliver the one advantage that really matters: up to a 3% yield increase thanks to Start’Up.





Faster field emergence


Because Start’Up seeds have been ‘pre-germinated’, they will emerge sooner than ordinary, non-treated seeds.
Start’Up proves its added value particularly under difficult sowing circumstances. In extreme cold, drought or in crusted soils, Start’Up primed seeds will germinate up to a week sooner than well processed unprimed seeds.



Start’Up excels the competition


Independent European research institutes have shown the exceptional results of SESVanderHave’s priming technique. Of all sugar beet seed producers, Start’Up often comes out as the best priming technique.

Bert Vandenbussche, Project Leader Seed Technology at SESVanderHave, confirms the good results of Start’Up: “All sugar beet producers are working on priming techniques, but we are confident in saying that SESVanderHave excels in all fields, including priming. Thanks to our motivated team of scientists, who keep a close track of the primed seeds, SESVanderHave realises excellent, homogenous results, with less bolters and excellent shelf life. In short, our Start’Up technology is one of the world’s best priming technologies!”


The sooner the plant emerges on the field, the longer its vegetation growth period, and the higher its potential yield. In addition, rapid ground cover ensures that the young plants can swiftly capture the maximum sun light available, an essential growth factor. These two factors alone result directly in higher yields. Besides, thanks to the fast germination, the sugar beet plant’s reserves will not run out. The vigour of young Start’Up plants will increase considerably, especially in stressful situations. And as any grower can tell you: this is a key factor for growing successful crops. Young, healthy sugar beets are better protected, early in the season, against bad weather conditions, diseases and insects.



Homogenous crops


The more homogenous the seeds, the more consistent the germination capacity, the better the return for the grower. SESVanderHave’s perfectly controlled Start’Up technology contributes to improving the homogeneity by bringing all seeds to the same stage of the germination process at the same time. Finally, uniform emergence and growth ensures easier and more efficient weed control.


Start’Up = higher yield


Faster field emergence with a longer growth cycle produces a homogenous crop with better harvestability to deliver what really matters to growers: a higher yield. This is also proven in tests performed by SESVanderHave in several countries.



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