Welcome to our official SESVANDERHAVE website.

Our company, SESVANDERHAVE, is located in Tienen, the Belgian "sugar town", at about 36 km to the N-E of Brussels Airport.

SESVanderHave, a new company as a result of a merger between SES and VanderHave, having a 100% focus on the creation, production and distribution of higher yielding and more competitive sugar beet varieties.

More then 175 years of combined experience creates a starting point for a strong future.
A leading company in Rhizomania-, Rhizomania-rhizoctonia- and Rhizomania-nematode-tolerant varieties.

A leading company that, as a result of a good interpretation of the market needs, research and development, provides a sustainable contribution to sugar beet growing. Because your goal is our goal: making growing sugar beet a healthy business.

Since many years present in Iran, all our energy is used in order to deliver the best varieties adapted to your market, to your climate and to your agronomical needs (tolerances against rhizomania, rhizoctonia, nematodes, drought- and heat stress, bolters, Curly top, Cerco...)
"Together, we are a real force for the sugar beet"

Thanks for your confidence in our company!

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